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Game for brainstorm meetings
Team performance gamification
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My skills and interests revolve around designing and investigating the interaction between people. With expertise in game design interventions at the workplace.

I listen to users. Try to understand their needs. Analyse contexts. Generate ideas. Develop concepts. Build prototypes. Test scenarios. Iterate. Measure effects. Write conclusions. Draw infographics. Present results. Reflect on processes. Connect groups. Deduce theories. And teach students.

In my work this takes shape in gameplay, product-interaction, persuasion, debate, workshops, websites, graphics, and animations. In my personal life I enjoy music and sports.

Featured projects

Teamwork Gamification

Teamwork Gamification [link to dissertation] Link to the laymen talk of my defence The possibilities of applying game elements for positive behavior change in non-game...
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Meeting game

Research and development of a game for brainstorm meetings
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Social game elements

Research and gamification for production teams at a strip galvanising plant
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Gamified workshops

Development and facilitation of gamified workshops about 'future interactions'
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Multiplayer breakout

Study on the effect of rules on player behavior in a simple multiplayer game
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